Keeping Your Apron Clean | 5 Handy Tips!

Keeping Your Apron Clean

Keeping Your Apron Clean | 5 Handy Tips!

Check it out: When you use a leather apron a lot, it starts to look really cool. The more you wear it, the tougher and stronger it gets. So don't worry if your apron gets a little wrinkled, dirty or messy. That's totally normal! But if you want to keep your apron in good shape for a long time just follow these simple tips below.

Check out our Lapron, crafted in the United States from a single piece of European leather. With this quality leather you can bet this apron will stick with you for years. But hey to keep it in tip-top shape it's wise to give it a good clean every so often, especially if you're a BBQ whiz or a kitchen maestro. Just follow these easy-peasy tips below and you'll have your apron hanging around for ages.

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Tip 1: Damp Wet Cloth Works Magic

 Is your apron stained from cooking or grilling? No worries! Don't let the mess sit too long just wipe it down with a damp cloth. Just be careful not to oversaturate the cloth or you might end up with unsightly marks on the leather.

Tip 2: Use leather cleaner for Tough stains

Struggling to remove a stain? Just spray some leather cleaner on that spot of your leather apron and wipe away the dirt with a clean cloth. Notice a stain on the untreated back of the apron? Then softly brush the leather cleaner into the stain using a gentle circular motion. Finish by wiping with a clean cloth.

Tip 3: Coat the apron with leather grease from time to time

Following the tips above will help maintain the beauty of your apron. Want to keep your leather apron looking shiny and resistant to dirt for longer? Simply apply a generous coat of leather grease or white shoe polish to the front of your apron using a cloth every so often. Let the product absorb for 15 minutes, then wipe away any excess grease with a clean cloth.

Tip 4: Allow wet leather to air-dry thoroughly

Caught in a rainstorm while barbecuing? Make sure to let your apron dry completely to avoid mold growth. Keep your leather apron away from heat sources like heaters, hair dryers, and direct sunlight. If the leather dries too quickly, it could lead to small tears in the material,  which would be a shame!

Tip 5: Properly hang up your Leather Apron to store it

Got your leather apron looking fresh and clean? Don't stash it in a sealed plastic bag! Leather is a natural material that needs to breathe, so keep it in a closet where it has some airflow. Just make sure the closet isn't airtight.

Extra tips for caring for your Leather Apron
  • Using your apron frequently will make the leather softer and more comfortable over time.
  • Avoid folding your leather apron to prevent permanent creases.
  • Always use appropriate cleaning products designed specifically for leather, avoiding strong or unsuitable ones.
  • While leather stretches, be mindful not to overstretch it by placing excessively large objects on it, as it may not contract back to its original state.
  • If the leather dries out, you can knead it back to its supple state.