Full-Grain Vintage Leather Apron – Bartenders Edition

Bartending and its associated history goes back to the times of Ancient Greek and Rome civilizations. At present, some of the most sought-after cocktails, in fact, take roots from Middle Ages and late. With bars bringing forth exciting and somewhat dangerous drink options ahead, the apron-wearing ancestry of a bartender has also been brought back. The circumstances are much the same for a waiter too. Hairdressers even adopt the same rules of protective measures as the rest. Therefore, our design team has brought forth the ideal Vintage Leather Apron for all needs of our Bartenders, servers and waitpersons.

We have used the finest soft and light vegetable-tanned leather fabric to manufacture the apron. Here, we need to emphasize that this type of leather fabric is contradictory to vegan leather. That is to say, our fabric choices only result in the most genuine leather aprons and no more. Leather Apron bartenders, those for hairdressers, and even Leather Waitress Aprons, all call for the need for efficient movement. Therefore, we cater to a custom leather apron facility in this regard. Each apron will be a made-to-order design because we take all your requirements under close consideration. We offer logo engraving over the final product to official franchises looking to exhibit their brand in all aspects of the business. 

As genuine leather aprons are inherently made out of skins, they are highly convenient to move around, sit and rush during work. The product works great universally for all serving jobs. The upper harness features two multi-functional pockets that can be consumed as per the job requirements. Be it tea towels, essential tools, or order-pen-and-paper, it works great for all. 

Weight02 kg

Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


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26 reviews for Vintage Leather Apron – Bartenders Edition

  1. edooley

    The pockets of this apron will never fall to front like canvas and suede leather apron. They will remain stiff in standing position forever. The pockets are deep so that tools never fall and they are big enough to hold your maximum tools in this. One extra pocket is big enough to hold your drill or screw gun on it.

  2. Roman

    I order Vintage leather apron and received as promised. reasonable price and best quality of shop, they offer custom made apron.

  3. alivia

    This apron has many uses. It can be used as woodworking apron, barbecue apron, shop apron, barista apron, artist apron, electrician apron, painting apron, forge apron etc.

  4. Lionel

    This is an excellent protective addition to working clothes, this apron comes with two wide pockets and one universal pocket – convenient for storing all the things you need in your work.

  5. Kai

    I use my Vintage leather apron when smoking meats on an offset smoker. It keeps sparks from burning my clothes when stoking the fire or adding wood. The pockets are great for holding a phone or meat thermometer. I think it’s a great product and highly recommend it.

  6. anjali

    at ease, adjustable, and frankly higher best than I had anticipated. first-rate enough I hesitate to apply it because i’m no longer searching forward to that first stain/mark.

  7. waters

    clean conversation! Made the impossible feasible! notable vendor and loved giving this present. thank you for the fantastic experience.

  8. tmaggio

    super satisfactory! My object arrived a lot sooner than predicted and Sade changed into very expert and pleasant in attaining out straight away when I had purchased.

  9. Christian

    I bougth the Vintage Leather Apron. The apron is made from a very soft supple leather. Highly recommended.

  10. Jaxxon

    This apron is not only designed for the kitchen or grill, it is also for wood working, carpenter, barber, forging, blacksmith, chef, butcher, bartender, barista, tattoo artist.

  11. Bennett

    I bought this apron to look a little more professional. It is very well made and has 2 large pockets. The price was very reasonable. It fits just above the knees and the long tie wraps around to tie in the front very comfortable. I bought a Second one Highly recommended this vintage leather apron!

  12. charley

    My Brother found this apron locally and our sons love it so we ordered two for their 2022 birthdays! Very sturdy and my husband loves the leather!

  13. Axel

    I order the Vintage apron. They have unique design and style of Apron. it is one of the best Apron

  14. felton

    This was a gift for my son who really likes the apron. It is quite heavy and perhaps not as finished as I would like. I’ve been watching too many of those British craft shows where the workman wear Quality and Probably much more expensive aprons. All in all we’re happy with what we received.

  15. holly

    I ordered the apron. Had to play with the straps to get them to fit correctly. It took a little time. After that all is good. Look forward to using regularly.

  16. michel

    The problem with other aprons is it causes neck and back pain as it hangs around your neck. Our product solves that problem because our apron is designed to hang over the shoulder which means that weight is distributed evenly over the shoulders. Never suffer neck and back pain again. The apron comes with cushioned shoulder pads to provide you extra comfort.

  17. baltenwerth

    This apron is specially designed to hold heavy weight. It is double stitched and have rivets to provide extra strength. The size is perfect and design is unique because it can adjust to fit any body frame and preference. Once you have it adjusted to your fit, taking it on and off is straightforward and it stays on well without slipping off.

  18. wzieme

    Bought for my Cousin for his birthday, and he loves it! The leather is beautiful, smells amazing, and looks and feels sturdy. He’s using it for woodworking and carpentry projects. He is especially happy about the shoulder pads included with it; he says the fit and distribution of weight is comfortable.

  19. immanuel

    Superior to linen and cotton, leather is heat-resistant which makes it perfect for grilling, forging and welding. Our one-piece, full-length Work Apron adds a touch of class to any workplace. Easy to put on and take off, this apron is made of buffalo leather and it will last forever.

  20. Bruno

    The apron is held up by leather straps that cross at the back while a buckled waist strap fastens behind. All straps are adjustable to provide a closer and more comfortable fit for the wearer.

  21. carlotta

    I thought that the price was a bit high on this. It is thick good quality leather and heavyhardware. It was only recently that I went to wear it and found one of the straps was missing. I contacted the seller and they sent out the part I needed and 2 more sets of straps. I would give them more stars if I could

  22. Ander

    My partner loves his apron! tremendous nice, superb transport, even to Canada! So happy with this purchase.

  23. waters

    My husband LOVES this apron, he can’t wait to get it grimy in his shop. great workmanship, he loves that it crosses in the back so it doesn’t dig into his neck. could be coming back for greater because now my dad, brothers and neighbor need one.

  24. pking

    Bought for my friend for his birthday from this company, and he loves it! The leather is beautiful, smells amazing, and looks and feels sturdy. He’s using it for woodworking and carpentry projects. He is especially happy about the shoulder pads included with it; he says the fit and distribution of weight is comfortable. Thank you LAPRON.

  25. west

    I LOVE my leather apron! I look like a badass in the kitchen! I wish you made a black version. I’d buy that one too! I’m very satisfied with your product! Thank You LAPRON.

  26. Chris

    I bought the leather apron. It has plenty of pockets to hold tools and fit is just perfect. Shoulder pads makes it comfortable to wear for long hours.

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