Full-Grain Vintage Leather Apron – Bartenders Edition


Bartending and its associated history goes back to the times of Ancient Greek and Rome civilizations. At present, some of the most sought-after cocktails, in fact, take roots from Middle Ages and late. With bars bringing forth exciting and somewhat dangerous drink options ahead, the apron-wearing ancestry of a bartender has also been brought back. The circumstances are much the same for a waiter too. Hairdressers even adopt the same rules of protective measures as the rest. Therefore, our design team has brought forth the ideal Vintage Leather Apron for all needs of our Bartenders, servers and waitpersons.

We have used the finest soft and light vegetable-tanned leather fabric to manufacture the apron. Here, we need to emphasize that this type of leather fabric is contradictory to vegan leather. That is to say, our fabric choices only result in the most genuine leather aprons and no more. Leather Apron bartenders, those for hairdressers, and even Leather Waitress Aprons, all call for the need for efficient movement. Therefore, we cater to a custom leather apron facility in this regard. Each apron will be a made-to-order design because we take all your requirements under close consideration. We offer logo engraving over the final product to official franchises looking to exhibit their brand in all aspects of the business. 

As genuine leather aprons are inherently made out of skins, they are highly convenient to move around, sit and rush during work. The product works great universally for all serving jobs. The upper harness features two multi-functional pockets that can be consumed as per the job requirements. Be it tea towels, essential tools, or order-pen-and-paper, it works great for all. 


Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


Small, Medium, Large


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