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Leather Butcher Aprons

A trade so intricate and deep-rooted in tradition ought to benefit from the very best of LAPRON!

Leather butcher apron

Butcher Leather Aprons

Having seen countless many aprons fail to perform up to par in the rugged work environment of butchery, LAPRON had a clear idea of what mistakes not to repeat. By incorporating leather in the structure and tailoring the apron to the job requirements, we hope the butchers can now fully experience the peace of a reliable garment.

Butcher Apron Leather

As you go about your everyday duties, focused on cutting and grinding the right pieces, find solace in the fact that LAPRON's butcher apron is guarding you.

Perfect for Butchers

What an absolute honor must it be to wake up each day, bound to a profession so historically upheld and acknowledged for its diligence? Such were the careful thoughts occurring to us as we made our way to a local-favorite butcher shop in Texas, searching for an untold story. We walked through the door, greeted by the stench of raw meat, the air thick with sweat and blood but, more than anything, the unwavering spirit and passion.
The trade of butchery comes with a legacy dating back to the 1200s, the times of the English Butchers Guild, and these men sure knew how to uphold it. A skill so deep-rooted in tradition, one that requires much mastery of hands, and yet the story we found didn’t sit with us very well. Yet, in our conversation with these maestros of skill, we could sense an underlying need for a heavy-duty garment – a leather butcher apron – to protect them. 

We entered the butchery and met with brave men, displaying sheer hard work and passion for their skill. Our butcher's apron is merely an attempt to honor their craft!

From the sharp knives and cleavers to meat residues, we could see the many dangers lurking about the place. The men had to constantly be conscious of protecting themselves while their poor-quality aprons struggled to do so.
We knew, then and there, that LAPRON must soon employ a personalized leather apron that would sit well with the requirements of butchery. Thus, we closely observed them work, their limbs constantly in action and the bodies moving around the different sections of the place.

Butcher Apron

Butcher Leather Aprons

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Butcher Leather Aprons for Sale

Keeping that in mind, our butchers’ leather aprons use only soft, animal skin leather that would not hinder mobility at all. The structure is waterproof and durable, which will resist all forms of cuts, dirt, and spills. Our size guide is flexible, and the aprons come with adjustable belts and pockets for storage needs. Lastly, what was left was an intimate finishing touch to signify LAPRON‘s acknowledgment of the trade. For these butcher aprons significantly, we added some cutwork and buckle detailing to grant an antique yet sophisticated look to the whole attire.