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Leather Barber Aprons

Put leather barber apron, make a statement and begin hairdressing!

Leather Barber Apron

Leather Barber Apron

Our presence in the industry does not limit to merely supplying leather aprons. We aim to evoke a sense of identity and a deeper connection to leather garments. With our personalized barber leather apron, allow us to add some drama, and much power, to your everyday attire. 

Barber Leather Apron

As you work to ensure others look their best, let us look after you!

Perfect for Hairdressers

Over two decades of reimagining the conventions of everyday fashion have left us with plenty of valuable lessons. One such observation has been the critical role of minor elements in style, such as hair being a core ingredient to iconize Cleopatra or the Victorian era. Our Leather Barber Apron is a token of gratitude and a means to highlight the mystical working of our uber-talented barbers. 
As you rush for cutting and styling one person after another, allow LAPRON to ensure you are well-protected and, most importantly, well-dressed. It would be a disgrace to let any sticky product or harmful cutting tool overshadow your proficiency. Our premium, authentic skin leather aprons will stand at guard for you during the job and ensure you have a durable structure to rely upon. 

Barbers are artists playing around with the power of their hands. So it is only fair that they get the best of what we have to offer.

Over the years, we have encountered many uninspired and bland apron designs, failing to reflect the customer’s identity. At LAPRON, we wanted to redefine this approach. This aim paved the way for a perennial ambition to craft user-specific pieces by targeting the exact requirements of their jobs. 

Barber Aporn

A Perfect Leather Apron for Barbers

barber leather apron
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Barber Leather Aprons for Sale!

For undisturbed mobility, you will find the aprons soft and comfortable, featuring utility pockets on the front to have all your tools at not even at an arm’s length. Apart from being very neatly cut and available in a sophisticated color palette, you also benefit from the added facility of customization.
After all, your expertise in this delicate craft deserves all the recognition! In addition, LAPRON stands ready to provide a high degree of customization, including personal branding. Combining the durable assembly of our Barber Leather Apron with your brand’s logo, initials, or alphabets will result in a genuinely bespoke statement piece to suit your job requirements.