Split leg Leather Apron – Heavy Duty

However, most manufactured goods that manage to score high in their respective domain of production fall short in terms of flexibility. There are very few items in this production line that can adapt to heterogeneous work environments and suit customer needs of all sorts. Not too modest of us, yet we daresay that our Heavy Duty – Split Leg Leather Apron from the range of men’s leather apron for work is one such exception. A unique handmade creation capable of universally satisfying requirements, it is a workhorse in its truest sense.
With two panels on the rear front snap tied behind the knee, a split leg design can loosely be related to a motorcycle chap. Such a structure allows for flexibility and vigorous movements during work. Not to mention the added protective barrier it provides to the front body. Generally, split leg designs are constrained to the field of leather welding aprons. They are indeed convenient in the face of a welding operation’s vulnerability, one cannot limit their feasibility to it alone. Owing to the constant usage of sharp, deadly tools by the craftsmen, this apron doubles nicely as a leather blacksmith apron or even one for woodworkers and carpenters. Besides, customers have also associated its mobility and coverage with leather grilling aprons for chefs and waiters. 
Think of the instruments critical to the work environment you are to expose the apron too. With premium full-grain leather, large multi-functional pockets, and a bonus cross-body system at hand, evaluate whether the apron will do good there. If your answer, as we sincerely hope, is a yes, what are you waiting for? Full-fledged coverage and accessorized to the core to accommodate all your needs; this genuine leather apron is here to fulfill all your requirements and expectations.


Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


Small, Medium, Large


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