Bar Leather Apron – Soft & Premium

Most leather aprons work great for tradesmen of all sorts ranging from blacksmiths to carpenters. Yet, there is always one such feature that associates its ease of use to a particular domain. Such is the case with the men’s leather apron. Designed for all and perfect for chefs and bartenders, this variation of our Bar leather apron is genuinely superior to any satin or cotton rivals. As is the case with all products in-store at the leather apron shop, this apron is manufactured out of the finest leather. Premium full-grain Pakistani Leather of top quality is made to withstand thorough processing to emerge as soft, flexible material. The resulting Leather is then combined with our craftsmen’s mastery to produce soft leather aprons of impressive finesse. This is a purely heat-resistant garment that eliminates any potential for synthetic leather allergies or reactions. This implies that this leather work apron could even occupy the position of your leather grilling apron. Testifying the apron’s expertise as a leather apron bartender is the integrated waist loop for tea towels. Such a structure accommodates the bartender or chef in wiping spills or picking up hot dishes. Adjustable neck and waist belts and two large, multi-functional pockets only add up to this leather cooking apron’s practicality. Characteristic to its use, our product varies between dark earthly shades of blue and brown. The consumer is given the choice of picking between a standard or waterproof version of our product. Fortunately, waterproofing does not influence the garment’s overall appearance yet continues to be highly effective in the environment of a bar. Cut, sewn, and created from scratch, our dedicated design team aims to replicate their commitment to craft our creations. Get a free personalized message engraved upon your apron and truly experience the joy of a genuine leather apron in the exciting ambiance of a pub.

Weight 2 kg

Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


Small, Medium, Large

42 reviews for Bar Leather Apron – Soft & Premium

  1. ernestine

    Orderd an Apron veritably 1st time. client service was awful. Shipping was faster than anticipated. The only thing I wish was different was the handwriting to be larger. Other than that, the quality was great.

  2. Abram

    Great quality,sustainable,fabric feels a bit crisp from the beginning, after few washes fabric gets a bit softer which is awesome.Looks same as in picture and described.Totally love it .I will definately order more leather apron.Thank for delivering it on time.

  3. Sincere

    I order and recieved as promissed.Excellent apron – great fit and very durable.

  4. bosco

    The product is absolutely high quality and beautiful! My hubby loves the apron!!! The client service is exemplary, presto, veritably friendly and competent.

  5. Huxley

    It is light weight yet feels of good quality.I actually really like the look and want to get a second one just to work in around the house.All in all it’s a solid leather apron to buy and I would recommend it.

  6. Shiloh

    I love this apron.I wear it over my chef jacket.The pockts are spacious and the tie is long enough to go around and back to the front for convenient and comfortable wearing.Good leather apron product to buy!

  7. aryanna

    Excellent artificer! I’m so agitated to give this beautiful leather apron to my hubby for his woodworking. I had his initials placed on the casket area for an added touch. I love it.

  8. lscham

    This apron is nice. The shipping was good, and it arrived snappily. It’s not particularly thick or great quality leather, but it’s a nice gift. I DO recommend if you’re looking for for a virile apron. But don’t anticipate thick/ supple leather.

  9. Reign

    The leather is heavy and soft. It’s super comfortable and the pockets are great.

  10. Heath

    Wow what great service and contact I got from this dealer. The quality is applicable for the price and though light weight look mightily made- I’ll surely be watching this dealer so I can look then first should I need further particulars

  11. sporer

    Excellent artificer! I got this for a son- in- law for grilling and cuisine. I was veritably surprised how snappily it came.

  12. Axton

    Fit & finish are good. Seems like a good solid piece of leather. Currently allowing it to breathe, laid out flat. Will update after using

  13. rippin

    I bought an apron and the quality is amazing, I recommend it. Also the client service they give is great, they take time to answer your questions and follow the shipping.

  14. Lucian

    A good piece of protective equipment like this is really only limited by your imagination. Hopefully, it will make a nice addition to your home or workplace soon.

  15. Arjun

    My work provides us with an apron,but I prefer to have more than one uniform,so I ordered this apron as a backup.Its thhe exact same size, washes better than the one provided, and dosen’t becoeme untied as easily.Best leather apron for man’s and women.

  16. Zain

    Love the fit and love that it doesn’t pull on your neck like regular apron.Definately worth this bar leather apron!

  17. Samson

    This bar leather apron is huge piece of quality leather! It is sewn well and should hold up for thing:mine came with straps that meeded larger holes to fit the buckles.No big deal, I punched ’em out larger, and added a couple more for good measure. I am kinda fat, so I had to use the shoulder straps at full extension and the back strap is just a hair too far I like it a lot, and feel better protected than my old canvas aprons.

  18. laila

    Absolutely stunning, the quality of artificer surpassed my prospects. Nice thick leather, solid construction and stylish accoutrements used. Love it!

  19. cpurdy

    I requested the cover. Needed to play with the lashes to inspire them to accurately fit. It required a little investment. After that everything is great. Anticipate utilizing routinely.

  20. Raul

    I got this apron today so have not had time to work with it yet , but first impressions of the quality,

  21. Keith

    I bought the Bar Leather Apron. its quality was good. Love this apron, it protects and looks beautiful. Soft real leather looks very expensive

  22. Amos

    The apron is well made and has a good design. its quality was very good. love it. Highly recommended.

  23. goyette

    Nice light good looking but strong apron. veritably happy with it. good follow up during shipping etc. I can largely recommend this. thank you!

  24. Scott

    Seems to be well-made; I just received it so I cannot really speak to durability. It is very good looking. Adjustability and comfort are good. One issue, but it may not be seller’s fault, is the delivery.

  25. Tadeo

    This apron is heavy weight and beautifully finished.

  26. Benson

    Bought for my husband.He loves it.Loves the diversity of the pockets.The length of leather apron is great.very generous straps to adjust for about any size of person.Amazing product to buy!

  27. Kannon

    This is a great accessory for amateurs or professionals, whether you work with wood, metal, ceramics, or paints, or if you do a bit of it all.

  28. Finnley

    This is an excellent quality leather apron. It is clearly designed for the hard-working.The tan leather is attractive & makes this good for renaissance faires, or other events that might require cosplay.

  29. Dangelo

    The item is stupendous which makes me feel it was worth the delay but my virtuousness what a delay. Worth the steal just be ready to stay a couple of months.

  30. Miller

    Bar Leather Apron was a gift and the apron is very nicely made of a softer leather. It is impressive and was appreciated.

  31. muhammad

    The leather apron is high quality, great construction. The substantiated detail is a nice addition but i wish it was a bigger textbook, or stood out more on the dark leather. Overall great purchase thank you

  32. Kohen

    Bought this bar leather apron for my husband for his birthday, and he loves it. The leather is beautiful,smells amazing, and looks and feels sturdy. He’s using it for woodworking and carpentry projects. He is especially happy about the shoulder pads included with it; he says the fit and distribution of weight is comfortable.

  33. Nikolas

    Sometimes when you get something inexpensivee it works much better than expected.I imagine a more expensive one working better. It is not too heavy. The way the strap crosses in the back like suspenders instead of just a strap around the neck is very comfortable.I am 5’6″ and this vintage leather apron hang very well below my knees 1/2 way to my feet but doesn’t impede walking.Amazing product also suggested!

  34. Chandler

    Seems to be well-made; I just received it so I cannot really speak to durability. It is very good looking. Adjustability and comfort are good.

  35. Marcelo

    Great design of leather apron for everyday work! The leather is high quality kind they use and constructed well.Pocket on chest is big in which l like.2 buckles make it easy to put on my own.Fits great for me, I am 6 foot tall and I would imagine it is suitable for all heights.

  36. Westin

    The apron material is a good quality leather which is necessary for its intended use, but the straps are out of the cheapest material the manufacturer could have found. I really don’t see this lasting very long given the weight of the apron its self.

  37. Alessandro

    Excellent general shop wear for me. Great pockets. Handy and usable pockets. Exceeds my expectation for its capacity to carry all the tools I need.

  38. Donald

    I order and recieved as promissed. Nice to wear and it gets better when you have used for a while.

  39. Watson

    Love the smell of leather. Very soft and comfortable. Great sized pockets.

  40. Leandro

    I wear this Apron and it is awesome. lots of pocket storage Fits my Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is heavy duty yet not heavy feeling.

  41. trisha

    My Brother found this cover locally and our children love it so we requested two for their 2022 birthday events! Exceptionally solid and my significant other loves the calfskin!

  42. Boston

    There are pockets on the front of the apron. There are not dedicated pockets for pencils of pens, but this is easily solved with a cheap pocket protector.

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