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There is nothing more so in character to a large, seemingly deadly knife than a butcher’s work expanse. Or maybe even a kitchen with its enthusiastic chefs in operation. Either way, we have, therefore, a constant need to store it effectively. Aprons are useful, leather aprons more so, but those with appropriate accessories do the job best. This is where our black leather apron with a knife sheath pocket makes a clean sweep from within all its potential rivals.
This particular design from our range of Leather Butcher Apron features a convenient pocket to keep in the knife or any hazardous nature instruments during work. The vulnerability of situations involving knife work calls for reliable structures that will feature supreme quality fabric choices. Our expert designers at Leather Apron Shop cast around the market for a variety of cowhides in person and choose only the best for the eventual manufacturing. Tried and tested fabric results in a well-textured and durable leather tool apron that can last well under exposure to blades and heavyweights.

Besides the spacious pocket space, an additional flap pocket is incorporated into the chest area. This is where storage meets protection, and the consumer is presented with an effective way of hoarding sensitive devices during operation. The strap positioning over the front and back is precisely how it should be for an apron with leather straps. Crossed-over like overall straps, they provide maximum comfort.
You are presented with the facility of personalizing your leather butchers’ apron to be in character to your work environment’s intensity. On the other hand, perhaps it is an under-toned version of our creation you need as a leather cooking apron. Carpenters or woodworkers might even want more buckles and straps to be included in the structure. You name it, and we shall deliver.

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