Stylish Women Leather Apron

Command over the skill is undoubtedly essential in any workplace, but working with greasy or flammable can sometimes be a headache. However, our waterproof and grease resistant leather apron is a must have for you! It saves your from getting your clothes stained. Our aprons carry with themselves a centuries-old legacy of beneficial contribution to trade work. Practicality combined with personal style; and out emerges the finest in the field of custom leather aprons, our classy Branded Leather Apron.

Over the years, the classic men’s Leather Work Apron has been redefined continuously to resonate with the fashion trends of the time. However, throughout this process, the fundamental structure has remained true to the tradition. Our design heads at Leather Collection also understand this need to adapt to the ever-changing fashion while respecting customer’s significance. That is to say, absolute dedication to the craft results in this genuine leather apron. It is composed of 100% authentic leather skins that have been sourced from credible and ancient tanneries. These hides are then stitched and sewn to construct garments that could withstand the most adverse of circumstances. Our fabrics are abrasion resistant and heat resistant, which makes them ideal for use as a tradesmen apron for blacksmiths, woodworkers, chefs, etc. Moreover, these aprons are crafted by the most adept craftsmen which are in the field with more that 10 years of work experience.
We cater to a high degree of customization for this branded leather apron. Apart from size, colors, and choice of accessories, this facility’s real workhorse is the branding option. You can demand a hand-branded name, initials, logo, or maybe even the values you believe in. Your choice of English alphabet will be stitched on the chest. This way, our creative process will allow you to shine bright in a distinctive selection of men’s leather apron.


Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


Small, Medium, Large


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