Journeyman Leather Apron 

Funnily enough, back in the New World times, the general public regarded tradespeople as the apron men. This was because of their ceaseless utilization of aprons in day-to-day dealings. This titular significance can be seen today too. Presently, Journeyman Leather Aprons are dominantly consumed by skilled men as precautionary measures in their laborious work environments. Bearing that in mind, all leather shop aprons are handcrafted with love and faithfulness to supply our market workers.
Manufactured under a team of ingenious designers, the product is designed by the industry’s monarch; the finest quality leather. This garment piece was originally created as a custom order but owing to the artistic prowess of our designers; it earned itself a spot in the best-sellers. As a full-grain leather apron sewn and stitched by purely handmade methods, it manages to resonate with most consumer requirements. It is comfortable, offers a lot of storage, and ages gracefully.
Capable of functioning as a leather forge apron, it is composed of flexible, thick, and most importantly heat-resistant leather. Its simplistic style offers it the precise longevity that a leather blacksmith apron demands when exposed to the forge. The selfsame characteristics also make this apron one of the best leather woodworking aprons we have in-store. The robustness of structure will ensure that any shavings of shards of wood produced in the manufacturing do not injure the worker himself. Its multi-functional pockets will also provide swift access and storage to tools of significance. This, in turn, also makes it a suitable choice as a leather butcher apron. What else does a butcher look in for his companion if not durability and practicality? As a universal fit and all-inclusive creation, this is an ideal choice for hobbyists and tradesmen of all sorts.

Weight 2 kg

Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


Small, Medium, Large

17 reviews for Journeyman Leather Apron

  1. crist

    I ordered the apron. Had to play with the straps to get them to fit correctly. It took a little time. After that all is good. Look forward to using regularly.

  2. Royce

    The previous one bought was good for almost an year.After that it started losing its water resistance. But this one is useless. NO USE OF WEARING THIS.

  3. Eliel

    The cover is really great and looks far better than the photos. The conveyance was surprisingly fast and the correspondence with Daniel was perfect.

  4. Apollo

    This apron is sturdy and doesn’t wrinkle easily. The color is dark enough also that it hides stains. I love wearing it at work, and it has a great array of pockets that can fit many tools.

  5. Malik

    I love it so much, I bought two. I wear this apron 5 days a week in a very busy restaurant. I love the fit, the color, the straps. I get compliments on it all the time. Price is a bit high, but worth it. Stands up great in the wash.

  6. akuvalis

    This was a gift for my son who really likes the apron. It is quite heavy and perhaps not as finished as I would like. I’ve been watching too many of those British craft shows where the workman wear Quality and Probably much more expensive aprons. All in all we’re happy with what we received.

  7. Marco

    Very nice apron! Gave it to my husband as a gift and he loves it. Uses it all the time. It’s a great quality item.

  8. Archie

    Love this journeyman apron! It turned out to be even better than expected. It has a modern design and looks good on men and women.

  9. Santos

    I thought that the price was a bit high on this. It is thick good quality leather and heavyhardware. It was only recently that I went to wear it and found one of the straps was missing. I contacted the seller and they sent out the part I needed and 2 more sets of straps. I would give them more stars if I could

  10. Franklin

    I am a first grade teacher and bought this to use in my classroom to hold various supplies. I love it and would definitely recommend it!

  11. ceichman

    I LOVE my leather apron! I look like a badass in the kitchen! I wish you made a black version. I’d buy that one too! I’m very satisfied with your product! Thank You LAPRON.

  12. Noel

    It’s made from some great material that will last me longer than my cheaper ones I’ve bought in the past. Very comfortable with the padding it has on the straps. Great journeyman leather apron.

  13. blanche

    The cover is wonderful, and precisely the thing I was expecting. I can hardly stand by to give it to my accomplice for Christmas! Fantastic craftsmanship and client care. Exceptionally informative. Much thanks to you!!

  14. Jared

    Apron covers very well for average size person. Neck strap is adjustable and enough waist strap to loop around and tie in front if you so desire. Fabric has good feel and is thick enough that only the big spills will be a problem. I would recommend this to others looking for an apron.

  15. Kamari

    Overall this is a good, functional tool journeyman leather apron. It has plenty of pockets to hold tools and fit is just perfect. Shoulder pads makes it comortable to wear for long hours.Overall its best for the price and I highly recommend it!!!

  16. pbraun

    So comfortable and durable and I love all the pocket placements AND you look cool wearing it too.Nice journeyman leather apron!!!

  17. vlesch

    Purchased for my companion for his birthday from this organization, and he adores it! The cowhide is lovely, smells astounding, and looks and feels tough. He’s involving it for carpentry and carpentry projects.

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