Split leg Leather Apron – Heavy Duty

However, most manufactured goods that manage to score high in their respective domain of production fall short in terms of flexibility. There are very few items in this production line that can adapt to heterogeneous work environments and suit customer needs of all sorts. Not too modest of us, yet we daresay that our Heavy Duty – Split Leg Leather Apron from the range of men’s leather apron for work is one such exception. A unique handmade creation capable of universally satisfying requirements, it is a workhorse in its truest sense.
With two panels on the rear front snap tied behind the knee, a split leg design can loosely be related to a motorcycle chap. Such a structure allows for flexibility and vigorous movements during work. Not to mention the added protective barrier it provides to the front body. Generally, split leg designs are constrained to the field of leather welding aprons. They are indeed convenient in the face of a welding operation’s vulnerability, one cannot limit their feasibility to it alone. Owing to the constant usage of sharp, deadly tools by the craftsmen, this apron doubles nicely as a leather blacksmith apron or even one for woodworkers and carpenters. Besides, customers have also associated its mobility and coverage with leather grilling aprons for chefs and waiters. 
Think of the instruments critical to the work environment you are to expose the apron too. With premium full-grain leather, large multi-functional pockets, and a bonus cross-body system at hand, evaluate whether the apron will do good there. If your answer, as we sincerely hope, is a yes, what are you waiting for? Full-fledged coverage and accessorized to the core to accommodate all your needs; this genuine leather apron is here to fulfill all your requirements and expectations.

Weight2 kg

Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


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34 reviews for Handyman Leather Apron

  1. Brody

    Split leg leather apron keep me from getting burned when I have to be in a sitting or squatting position while welding.Excellent quality and fit great. Nice stiching so should last years instead of just a few months. Worth the money

  2. Zayden

    Many thanks to the Managing Director, John Paul. It was a pleasure having worked with you for ordering the Split leg Leather Apron outfit of my restaurant staff. You made a really good work.The aprons you made for us with the gold branding look amazing on the blue deluxe leather. Thanks again,

  3. Tomas

    The welding apron is good. The problem is with the leg straps. when you secure the thigh strap. The strap hangs and as you walk, your thigh muscle pulls on the strap which pulls on your neck. uncomfortable. If you are just standing it is good. I don’t just stand around to work. I move around. Need a better leg securing device.

  4. Clyde

    The apron was a gift and is worth the price and just as it was described!

  5. Trace

    Leather Welding Apron is made with durable split cowhide leather and reinforced Kevlar stitching that provides excellent protection against any welding sparks, spatter, heat and slag.

  6. Judah

    The buckles are so good and leather is also great. I really like the mobility of the split leg versus the apron. Very nice Split leg leather apron!

  7. Lian

    I order and received as promissed. I like this Leather apron for the cost and comfort.

  8. Tristan

    Treated me fairly after changing my mind about a purchase. The Split leg Leather Apron itself was beautifully made and a reasonable price for its excellent quality.

  9. Magnus

    This black unisex apron is made of 100% Leather and has reinforced stitching, brass detailing and brown leather finish for increased durability and style. This cooking Leather apron makes great gifts for dads, brothers, moms, and more.

  10. Abel

    The service I received from Lapron is excellent, nothing is too much trouble. My order was delivered yesterday, a turnaround of 5 days, very impressive. The Split leg Leather Apron is lovely, superb quality, my son will love wearing it whilst smoking his pork ribs in Houston, Texas.

  11. cillian

    I thought that the price was a bit high on this. It is thick good quality leather and heavyhardware. It was only recently that I went to wear it and found one of the straps was missing.

  12. Dawson

    Would definitely recommend Lapron. Quick, personal, friendly response to queries. Options given with mockups. Split Leg Leather Apron arrived earlier than expected. It was a birthday present for my son. He loves it!

  13. Titan

    I order and received as promised. Quality is superior, comfortable, love it. Highly recommended

  14. Nicolas

    Split leg leather apron seens to be dam good. I like the overall fit, the adjustable neck strap,and the slightly longer waist strap. There is a cell phone pocket on the lower left, and other pockets for a variety of “Whatever you need…” I like the heavier material as I tend to be a messy cook and like that I don’t ruin other clothing.Great product nice to have this split leg leather apron!!

  15. Douglas

    The front of the apron also features 2 over-sized pockets for keeping your welding tools and supplies close at hand and easily accessible.

  16. Musa

    He’s using it for woodworking and carpentry projects. He is especially happy about the shoulder pads included with it; he says the fit and distribution of weight is comfortable. Thank you LAPRON.

  17. Keaton

    Super great Leather apron! High quality and perfect length.

  18. Kevin

    Hubby loves these! Exactly what he wanted to cover this clothes. He now removes these and can come into the house and not track the dirt with him! This really helps him keep my clothes clean and he don’t waste as many clothes thank you for this split leg leather apron!

  19. Tommy

    It is well design and does match the other products in the collection. The only reason it is not a five is I prefer a heavier weight Leather apron.I am a large man and it fits, that is a plus.

  20. Timothy

    Johnny from Lapron was fantastic in helping me find the perfect Split leg Leather Apron for our customer Christmas gifts and was able to accommodate our budget. The aprons are beautiful, so well made and brilliant quality. Thank you

  21. Tucker

    Split leg leather apron made of soft flexible suede. It fit’s my 5’6″ 200lb husband fine. No issues with the straps. He wears it while he does his wood carving.Amazing apron product!

  22. Felix

    Absolutely brilliant quality product and service. Customer service was second to none. Really happy with my new Split leg Leather Apron. Thank you!

  23. Maximo

    the shaped harness design evenly balances the weight of the Leather apron across the shoulder and back for long term use.

  24. Hugh

    Bought for myFriend. He loves it. Loves the diversity of the pockets. The length is great. Very generous straps to adjust for about any size of person.

  25. Finn

    This apron fitted my son’s needs much better than a regular apron, he needed the flexibility to be able to kneel down, and it is enough to not be a problem.Amazing Split leg leather apron product! It fits great and made very well

  26. Eliam

    Great apron. My problem is that the strings are too short. I would like for the strings to reach around so I can tie them in front of me instead of behind my back.

  27. Arlo

    We are thrilled with our beautiful Split leg Leather Apron – thanks so much. I am filling them up just now and can’t wait to show them off tomorrow to our customers . Thanks so much for a very prompt , easy transaction and would highly recommend your company to anyone who asks .

  28. Aron

    I bought the Leather Apron. Very good design, with belts to adjust for any size. Really nice for baristas!Very professional look and durable. My dad loved it!

  29. Cullen

    I Bought for my Brother for his birthday from this company, and he loves it! The leather is beautiful, smells amazing, and looks and feels sturdy.

  30. Marcellus

    The apron harness allows for adjustment of the position of the apron and also the waist tightness.

  31. Mylo

    This is just what I was looking for. Comfortable, soft leather, great price, and fit superbly. Great product! It smelled like play doe when I first pulled from its packaging. Nice smell. I am above average in height and getting things to fit well is difficult sometimes, your product fits very well. Awesome.

  32. Jerry

    Love the style. Stains easily and fades after hand washing. The snap buttons are problematic. If you are not too fussy and can deal with all of that. It is a great. I didn’t mind because I like the style. After a while, it will get old, I am sure.

  33. Junior

    I bought the leather Apron and am Very happy with the quality. Fairly light but provides excellent protection.

  34. Salvador

    The adjustable neck stap means that this apron will fit you regardless of your build. Get cooking today!

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