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Made of high quantity heavy-duty cowhide split leather and solidly built, anti-scald, flame-resistant.
Wide coverage – From knees till upper neck, long sleeve designed to protect your body against sparks and splatter.
Ergonomic Design-This apron fits well for everybody. The position of the neck is Velcro design, 2 buckles on the back make it easy to put on your own. Multi-Function – They are not only for welding but also useful for many other work and home tasks. Available as a carpenter apron, blacksmiths apron, gardening apron, farrier apron. Size – 41-inch length, with shoulder 22 inch, fit for most people size (unisex).

Weight2 kg

Small, Medium, Large

Color for Welding

Black Split, Brown Split, Orange Split, Yellow Split

51 reviews for Flame Defender Leather Apron

  1. Maxton

    I do a lot of welding and this coat is perfect it doesn’t bind up it keeps you cool from your armpits down to your hands and I’ve gotton 0 burns on my upper body from wearing this coat to anybody that does overhead welding.Just awesome welding jacket!

  2. Khai

    Welding 10 hours a day and the welding jacket performs well, keeps me from getting any arc burn or spatter burns.The high collar keeps my neck protected form other welders arc behind me. Great welding jacket and also suggested!

  3. Camilo

    The object is super which makes me experience it become really worth the wait however my goodness what a wait. well worth the buy simply be geared up to attend more than one months.

  4. Augustine

    fine mild appropriate searching however strong apron. very happy with it. suitable follow up at some stage in shipping etc. i will notably propose this. thank you!

  5. lisette

    Top quality apron with veritably patient and attentive client service with my questions on sizing and thread colors. Got the item before the deadline.

  6. Owen

    I order the Welding Leather Jacket Large Inside pocket, Large Outside pocket and 2 soapstone pocket on each sleeve for storage. Full coverage Leather Jacket protect you from spark, spatter and heat when you are working.

  7. Bishop

    Great quality! My item arrived a lot sooner than anticipated and Sade was veritably professional and friendly in reaching out incontinently after I had bought.

  8. Wyatt

    Not a good design for every day welding! The leather is the high quality kind they use and constructed well. Pocket on chest is big in which I like. 2 buckles make it easy to put on on my own. Fits great for me, I am 6 foot tall and I would imagine it is suitable for all heights.

  9. Colter

    certainly best! brilliant first-class and the stitching is beautiful. Can’t wait to get the apron on and begin performing some woodworking!

  10. mossie

    My hubby LOVES this apron, he ca n’t stay to get it dirty in his shop. Amazing workmanship, he loves that it crosses in the reverse so it does n’t dig into his neck. Will be coming back for further because now my pater , sisters and neighbor want one.

  11. yasmine

    i purchased an apron and the first-rate is high-quality, I suggest it. also the customer support they deliver is extraordinary, they take time to answer your questions and follow the transport.

  12. Koen

    Perfect jacket for welding. It’s little bit heavy, of course…it’s leather! But it actually lighter than expected. Fit was amazing. I was afraid it would be tight, but it fit well and the ability to move my arms amazed me. There was no restriction at all. I love this welding jacket.

  13. adriel

    My friend loved the apron for bartending, thank you so much for the quick shipping and personalization.

  14. lucius

    5 STARS throughout. I ordered for Father’s Day on a Thursday evening b4 Sunday vacation, noway anticipated it to arrive b4 the day. IT DID!!! That was my perk joy. Because of her quick shipping and fast personalization the gift was a megahit! Also the high quality packaging, strip and note card. majestic!!! I look forward to shopping then again.

  15. Marvin

    The product is definitely high excellent and delightful! My husband loves the apron!!! The customer service is exemplary, fast, very pleasant and in a position.

  16. schneider

    Absolutely perfect! Great quality and the stitching is beautiful. Ca n’t stay to get the apron on and start doing some woodworking!

  17. schuster

    Beautiful and high quality apron. It was customized and packed in no time. Sade was extremely helpful in helping me fantasize what the totem( relatively detailed and intricate) would look like formerly ray engraved on the front. So I was confident I was going to be happy before I placed my ordered.

  18. Dustin

    not only did this deliver extraordinarily quickly, however it’s miles lovely!!! best gift for my dad who likes to bbq, however the chef jackets are too hot in the summer time. I had a question approximately sizing considering that my dad’s a larger man, and seller was brief to reply and the scale match flawlessly, regardless of some wiggle room!

  19. Leif

    Fits pretty good and looks good. Did some pipe stick welding and it protects me great.Feels like comfortable material hope it last and does its job.suggested this leather welding apron

  20. Julien

    This apron is quality. The delivery became desirable, and it arrived quick. it is no longer especially thick or fantastic best leather, but it’s miles a pleasant present. I DO endorse if you are seeking out for a manly apron. but do now not expect thick/supple leather-based.

  21. Aiden

    Heat and Flame-Resistant heavy duty split cowhide leather welding Jacket. Full coverage Leather Jacket protect you from spark, spatter and heat when you are working.

  22. schamberger

    The problem with other aprons is it causes neck and reverse pain as it hangs around your neck. Our product solves that problem because our apron is designed to hang over the shoulder which means that weight is distributed unevenly over the shoulders. noway suffer neck and reverse pain again. The apron comes with gentled shoulder pads to give you redundant comfort.

  23. jabernathy

    I 10000 recommend this shop and thisseller.The quality is amazing and the shop proprietor was super nice and helpful from the very morning and the shipping was super quick

  24. jblanda

    The leather apron is high great, exceptional production. the customised detail is a pleasant addition but i desire it turned into a bigger textual content, or stood out greater at the dark leather-based. universal superb buy thanks

  25. Zeke

    incredible craftsmanship! i am so excited to provide this beautiful leather-based apron to my husband for his woodworking. I had his initials placed on the chest location for an introduced contact. i like it.

  26. Dimitri

    I have tried every apron out there, this by far is the best, most comfortable welding leather apron, I’ve owned, and the last one. All the other have straps around your neck that are painful to wear for long periods, this is wonderful, it will be last apron you will buy.

  27. John

    I order the Welding leather jacket. The neck, cuffs and waist can be adjusted. They can ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Prevent debris from entering through common jacket gap.

  28. Jamie

    The apron was amazing! It passed our expectations, by and large because of the softness of the cloth. The hardware appears to be solid and holds up nicely. Very properly made. We chose the personalization to be on the again and that also became out notable. Arrived right away too because the reviews say. My husband is worked up to strive it out.

  29. zokuneva

    I’m so impressed and happy with the item. It’s indeed better than I had allowed

  30. Wylder

    My hubby loved his new apron. The embroidery was perfect, the oil is durable, and the harness- style back straps impressed him. Lots of support. He is a big joe, and the 2XL was perfect. largely recommend!

  31. Johan

    My husband loved his new apron. The embroidery was ideal, the canvas is durable, and the harness-style back straps inspired him. lots of support. he’s a large guy, and the 2XL changed into best. distinctly advise!

  32. dkub

    I’m veritably happy with my purchase. really, a great deal of skill and care went into my order. I love the details, and the personalization was excellent. The communication with the dealer was super responsive.

  33. lind

    Not only did this boat extremely snappily, but it’s beautiful!!! Perfect gift for my pater

  34. Alexander

    Bought this as a gift for my father-in-law who spends lots of time for welding work and its protect him It really helps and would definitely recommend this to my friends. Glad I purchased it.

  35. Derrick

    Wow what high-quality provider and speak to I were given from this supplier. The satisfactory is appropriate for the charge and though light weight appearance sturdily made – i can certainly be looking this seller so i’m able to look here first should I need more objects

  36. kmayert

    beautiful and excessive nice apron. It turned into custom designed and shipped right away. Sade changed into extremely helpful in helping me visualize what the emblem (pretty special and tricky) could seem like as soon as laser engraved at the the front. So i was confident i used to be going to be glad before I located my ordered.

  37. deckow

    This is the nicest apron I ’ve ever seen. I ’ve been searching for a cross back apron that fit duly and have had zero luck until now. The craftswomanship on this is absolutely beautiful. Everything is top quality.

  38. Palmer

    It works okay, husband has been using his at his welding job for a couple weeks. He said it’s comfortable and he had no issue with welding with it.Great welding leather apron to use!

  39. beer

    A M A Z I N G!!! I can not begin to rave about the quality of this apron, attention to details and the responsiveness of Sade to any questions and interpretations. I literally blinked and the apron appeared out of nowhere. Simply magical. I can not stay to use this apron for my coming performance of” Breaking Bread” and am formerly planning a analogous gift for my son ❤️

  40. gerson

    without a doubt beautiful, the first-rate of expertise exceeded my expectations. great thick leather, solid production and great substances used. adore it!

  41. Landry

    Definitely a heavy welding jacket that will offer great protection. It was hard to find a men’s small to fit my 16 year old son for his welding class. we took a chance on the medium and it fit pretty well! pricey compared to some other jackets, but the fit made it worth it.

  42. Kyree

    My friend cherished the apron for bartending, thanks so much for the short transport and personalization.

  43. Blaise

    Comfortable, malleable, and honestly better quality than I had anticipated. Nice enough I vacillate to use it because I am not looking forward to that first stain/ mark.

  44. Jaime

    Orderd an Apron very 1st time. customer support turned into splendid. transport changed into faster than anticipated. The simplest thing I desire turned into distinctive was the lettering to be larger. other than that, the exceptional become amazing.

  45. Krew

    5 STARS at some point of. I ordered for Father’s Day on a Thursday nighttime b4 Sunday vacation, by no means expected it to reach b4 the day. IT DID!!! That turned into my bonus pleasure. because of her short delivery and fast personalization the gift changed into a success! additionally the excessive excellent packaging, ribbon and be aware card … classy!!! I look forward to buying right here again.

  46. Bellamy

    A M A Z I N G ! ! ! I cannot start to rave approximately the satisfactory of this apron, interest to info and the responsiveness of Sade to any questions and clarifications. I actually blinked and the apron regarded out of nowhere. sincerely magical. I can not wait to apply this apron for my subsequent performance of “Breaking Bread” and am already making plans a comparable present for my son ❤️

  47. gorczany

    outstanding craftsmanship! I were given this for a son-in-law for grilling and cooking. i was very amazed how quick it came.

  48. boehm

    The apron was great! It exceeded our prospects, substantially because of the wimpiness of the material. The tackle seems to be solid and holds up well. veritably nicely made. We chose the personalization to be on the reverse and that also turned out stupendous. Arrived veritably snappily too as the reviews say. My hubby is agitated to try it out.

  49. Benjamin

    Overall this is a pretty decent welding jacket.out of the box I was impressed with the style and stitching. The liner in the shoulder area is a plus. I must use a pocket in my welding jackets, that is so nice to use this welding jacket!!

  50. Joseph

    This apron has saved me a few hole sin my clothes as well as from a few burns especially when I weld overhead. It is very durable the only downside is the winch straps don’t hold well they slip so I had to tie them together. But other than that it is amazing.

  51. ifisher

    who likes to bbq, but the cook jackets are too hot in the summer. I had a question about sizing since my pater

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