Welding Leather Apron – Premium Choice

The classic leather apron is a beautiful piece of handcrafted leather that comes with two comfortable leather straps as well as buckles which makes it easy to adjust and wear the apron in seconds so you are ready for action! Light and flexible for all-day wear, one size fits all. Easy to put on and take off in seconds.This is a forever apron, well made and very long-lasting.  Its leather is rich and strong but soft to the touch and easy to clean.  It is resistant and will suit a whole host of activities from chefs, waiters & waitresses, bartenders, barbers and hairstylists, workshops, shoemakers, tattoo artists, brewers, sommeliers, baristas, butchers, florists, blacksmiths & jewelers. This is a forever apron, well made and very long-lasting.  Its leather is rich and strong but soft to the touch and easy to clean.  It is resistant and will suit a whole host of activities from cooking and gardening to woodworking or restaurant work. It is a unisex item with an adjustable neck strap (with a comfort neck patch) and a leather hip strap with a buckle. A great personal treat or a wonderful present for a keen cook or avid craftsperson.

Weight 2 kg
Color for Welding

Black Split, Brown Split, Orange Split, Yellow Split


Small, Medium, Large

48 reviews for Welding leather apron Premium choice

  1. judson

    The ordering process was very easy and my order came quickly! Quality was great and my friend loved it – got so many compliments! Would definitely recommend Welding leather apron as a great gift for anyone!

  2. skiles

    My sidekick revered the cover for bartending, much gratitude for the quick transportation and personalization.

  3. herman

    I was really struggling to find a men’s apron that wasn’t crude or garnish or so hideous that I wouldn’t want to see it in my kitchen. This welding leather apron looks great, he really liked it! He can now can make all the bread he wants and whilst still convering the kitchen in flour, he remain spotless.Amazing welding leathher apron product!

  4. Trevor

    These aprons are awesome – I got one for myself as well as one for a colleague. He thought it was completely hilarious and loves it!

  5. Matthias

    Thank you so much for the welding apron. It truly turned out very funny. It was a gift for a dear friend and the personalised apron with our faces on it made us all laugh. The team was very helpful throughout the entire process and the apron was delivered very quickly. Thank you again!

  6. Baker

    This is a Welding leather apron. It’s perfect for all kind of welding thing. Great gift idea too. Will definitely be ordering more soon!

  7. mann

    This is the most charming cover I’ve anytime seen. I’ve been searching for a cross back cover that fit properly and have had no karma as of not very far in the past. The craftswomanship on this is absolutely lovely. Everything is top quality.

  8. Ruben

    Welding leather apron has really saved my clothes from getting destroyed in my workshop. Very comfortable and has some really nice pockets for tape measures, my phone, whatever you need.

  9. froob

    I mentioned this for my dad’s 60th birthday festivity and I am so stunned with the quality. It’s magnificently made, the winding around turned out wonderful and my dad was so euphoric! Much gratitude to you , we will visit this shop from here on out.

  10. farrell

    Fantastic. I bought one of Lapron’s Welding leather aprons as a gift for my father who is a professional welder and he was over the moon with the quality. I’ve since seen it myself and everything about it is bespoke, it’s well made, the leather is in great condition and patinas nicely with use. Highly recommend.

  11. hfahey

    I purchased these aprons to use in the kitchen I volunteer at twice a week. I also purchased a blue one. They are perfect for my needs. I wash and dry them after each use and they have lasted well for the 2 months that I’ve owned them. I like the ties at the waist because they are long enough to wrap around to the front where I can see the ends to tie them. They stayed tied while I’m working and they wash clean. A great leather apron product for the price!

  12. stanford.

    Customer service was beyond excellent and the Welding leather apron was better than I expected!

  13. schmeler

    An especially made garment with genuine cowhide, cotton, and metal. The client help was capable and approachable. A cover made to persevere, while looking exceptional wearing it. Much gratitude to you.

  14. bennie

    Sadie was eminent to work with. The cover was very astounding and perfectly made. Also, it showed up quickly. I would vigorously recommend!

  15. zhahn

    I use this to protect my clothes when cooking and it makes me feel like a chef. The neck whole is a little large, but I just tie a knot in the back to make it smaller.

  16. earline

    I have used these leather aprons before as a machinist. I liked the simplicity and they fit me well. I did a knot higher on the straps to go to the back of my neck to hold it up to the proper height in the front, and another at my waist line. That made it fit well. Nice leather apron product!

  17. lonzo

    This is a wonderfully made thing!! I mentioned this as a gift and referenced accelerated transportation – it was conveyed the day after I presented the solicitation. The dealer was wonderful to work with, and works successfully. I would vivaciously propose this seller and cover.

  18. Casey

    Very happy with the service and the quality of the products received. Will use them again

  19. kunde

    Fantastic product and couldn’t be happier with my purchase! Super easy buying experience from start to finish. Image upload was seamless. Platform didn’t have those bugs you usually expect from customisation websites. And my Welding Leather Apron was delivered right on time…plus quality was impeccable as advertised. Would highly recommend!

  20. randal

    Loved that the apron tie goes all the way around to tie in the front. Was what I was looking for. Couldn’t find anything with ties like that. Looks good when I have company for dinner. Amazing leather apron product!

  21. gerald

    My soul mate loved his new cover. The winding around was perfect, the material is strong, and the harness style backfires stunned him. Loads of help. He’s a significant individual, and the 2XL was perfect. Excitedly recommend!

  22. Augustus

    We got two heart aprons for my bf and I – amazing product and quick delivery! great for family and friends as well!

  23. domenico

    These are very nice aprons made from a durable fabric. Size is adjsutable at the neck. I work in a greenhouse/ nursery and these are perfect for keeping my clothes from getting dirty.Nice leather apron product!!

  24. Leonidas

    Bought a few aprons for my own use and one for my mom as a birthday gift. Excellent quality and a lovely product idea. User experience very positive.

  25. Saint

    I absolutely love my Welding Leather Apron. It is both high quality and cute. It is a great gift for anyone as they have that personal touch.

  26. swift

    An amazing and superb thing! It was conveyed and sent past quickly. The card to express thanks from Sade upon purchase was a magnificent touch and what’s really the deal with client support

  27. stehr

    This apron is the best combination of adjustable neck strap, cotton/poly, pockets, and it’s not shiny. Good price and color selection. Looks lika a quality product once I have embroidered on it. I will be buying more this welding leather apron!!!

  28. green

    Absolutely amazing! Exceptional quality and the sewing is exquisite. Can barely clutch get the cover on and start doing some carpentry!

  29. Alfonso

    I 1000% recommend this shop and this seller.The quality is surprising and the retailer was truly generally speaking very steady from the beginning and the transportation was truly fast

  30. Ibrahim

    Amazing product! I bought Welding leather apron as birthday gift for my family, and it came out perfectly – Great quality apron, and the photos came out very clear. I’ve had some issues with other printed photo products in the past, where the images on the website didn’t match the actual product, but they checked the photos I sent to make sure that they were cropped properly and not blurry when the order was placed – saved me some embarrassment with it! Will definitely be coming back for Christmas gifts in a few months!

  31. Mustafa

    Purchased 2 , one for hubby and one for my dad for Father’s Day! Both of them loved it! Unprecedented quality, fast transportation! Visit support bunch was especially responsive and fair.

  32. walker

    Got these for my husband. Wanted them to be good enough quality that I could machine embroidery on them. They definitely are! Wash up well. I ordered the navy and maroon and both were accurate to what is shown on site.Nice leather apron product!

  33. windler

    As a professional welder I wanted an apron that would give me that professional look and I was not left disappointed. The quality and workmanship of the apron is as you’d come to expect from Lapron. Very comfortable and stylish I am so pleased with the apron as are my customers.

  34. steuber

    I am so so pleased with the welding leather apron! The quality of the fabric and the images is phenomenal!! Thank you for the best gift I have given this year! My Mama is so pleased with her apron! And her friends are so jealous heheheee thank you! I highly recommend this product!

  35. mayert

    I am so stunned amd satisfied with the thing. It is amazingly better compared to I had normally thought. I enthusiastically propose this dealer!!

  36. alex

    I’m stunned with the idea of the cover. I wiped out the associations and back after my most significant day of using it at work and it washed well. I air dried. I have exclusive requirements it stays aware of through washes. Vendor was prompt with transportation. I’ll probably buy another.

  37. robin

    I have been buying an apron as a gift for a friend. From my first contact (a questions about sizes and which style would be best) through to agreeing the final “look” Johnny and his team at Lapron have been amazingly attentive and responsive. Not just on the big details (colour, replicating a logo etc), but the small details – including a note to accompany the gift.

  38. murphy

    I’m VERY happy with my purchase. Indeed, a great deal of mastery and care went into my solicitation. I love the nuances, and the personalization was perfect. The correspondence with the seller was truly responsive.

  39. tom

    I sent the Welding leather apron to a friend as a gift. He was delighted

  40. Callen

    Fantastic reliable customer service, quick to respond! After speaking with the Leather apron team I was confident in my purchase and fell in love with the company even more! Great quality photos on aprons and made my family laugh!

  41. bayer

    Seller was curteous and quick! What beat my own raised norms with respect to quality materials and craftsmanship. The assistance was fast, agreeable, and captivating. I eagerly recommend!

  42. ambrose

    I bought this welding leather apron to protect my clothing while painting, and it works perfectly for that. I can wrap the ties a couple of times around my waist, pop my audio book into one of the pockets and paint my heart out without getting my shirt and pants dirty. Perfect welding leather apron!

  43. carson

    Top quality cover with especially lenient and careful client help with my requests on assessing and string tones. Got the thing sooner than I thought. Esteemed it such a ton of I mentioned per second one for another family member.

  44. celestine

    Splendid! Shipping was very fast and the cover is amazing! It’s a gift for my life partner and he thoroughly values if. Much valued Lapron!

  45. gottlieb

    Its not completely waterproof.

  46. Fabian

    Highly recommend this product. From when I placed my order to delivery, their service was impeccable! Quality was fantastic – I ordered individual aprons for my whole family as Christmas gifts!

  47. little

    OMG just received my Welding leather apron and blown away by the awesome craftsmanship it’s surprisingly light in weight for leather making wearing it comfortable & a damn pleasure! It’s extremely tough and durable and moulds to your body for extra comfort.

  48. krajcik

    I genuinely valued this Lapron Shop. Very unbelievable, speedy and straightforward trade. So agreeable and kind. The idea of the cover was great. It made for a superb Bday Presents. Thankful to you ❤️

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