BurnBlocker Leather Apron – Flame Retardant Cowhide Leather

Crafted from high-quality, flame retardant cowhide leather, our Burn Blocker Leather Apron provides ultimate protection against flames and spatter. This durable material is designed to resist burning and will keep you safe in even the most hazardous environments.

Heat-Resistant Thread and Double-Stitched Pockets: Sewn with strong, heat-resistant thread, our Burn Blocker Leather Apron is built to last. The double-stitched pockets provide added durability, ensuring that you can carry your tools and equipment with ease.

Full Coverage and Maximum Protection: Our Burn Blocker Leather Apron covers from chest to knee, providing full coverage and maximum protection. Whether you’re working in a busy kitchen or a high-heat welding environment, this apron will keep you safe and secure.

Use Cases:

  • Welding and metalworking
  • Cooking and grilling
  • Glass blowing and ceramics
  • Industrial manufacturing


  • Flame retardant cowhide leather
  • Heat-resistant thread and double-stitched pockets
  • Full coverage from chest to knee
  • Maximum protection from flames and spatter
  • Durable and built to last

Care Instructions & Maintenance: To keep your Spark Defender Leather Apron looking its best, gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. Allow it to air dry, and apply a leather conditioner as needed to maintain its suppleness and prevent cracking. With proper care, your apron will remain a reliable protective gear for years to come.

Personalize Your Style with 8 Premium Leather Colors: Choose from 8 premium leather colors to express your unique style and preferences. The available options include classic shades and vibrant hues, allowing you to find the perfect match for your personality or workspace.

Personalized Branding with Logo Engraving:  Add a touch of customization to your Burn Blocker Leather Apron with our logo engraving service. Showcase your brand or personal style by having your logo or initials expertly engraved on the apron, making it truly unique and tailored to your individual taste.

Lifetime Leather Quality Guarantee:  We stand by the quality of our Spark Defender Leather Apron and offer a lifetime guarantee on the leather. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered, ensuring your satisfaction and the long-lasting durability of our product.

Order your Burn Blocker Leather Apron today and stay safe in any high-heat environment.

Weight 2 kg
Color for Welding

Black Split, Brown Split, Orange Split, Yellow Split


Small, Medium, Large

24 reviews for BurnBlocker Leather Apron

  1. Hendrix

    Love this leather welding apron! I get many compliments on it! I wear it at my retail job where I have to carry my phone and radio and other such things. Definitely recommend

  2. daphnee

    wonderful and exorbitant pleasant cover. It transformed into specially crafted and transported immediately. Sade changed into very supportive in assisting me with imagining what the symbol (lovely unique and precarious) could seem like when laser engraved at the front. So I was certain I used to be going to be happy before I found my arranged.

  3. pete

    Sadie transformed into marvelous to work with. The cover turned out to be practically exorbitant extraordinary and faultlessly made. Furthermore, it showed up right away. I could prominently propose!

  4. Riggs

    in addition to the fact that this conveyed remarkably rapidly, but it’s miles beautiful!!! best gift for my father who likes to bar-b-que, but the culinary expert coats are too sweltering in the mid year. I had an inquiry roughly measuring thinking about that my father’s a bigger man, and dealer was brief to answer and the scale match faultlessly, no matter what some leeway!

  5. glover

    i’m VERY content with my purchase. definitely, a phenomenal arrangement of expertise and care went into my request. I truly like the subtleties, and the personalization changed into top notch. The discussion with the dealer transformed into remarkable responsive.

  6. bailey

    I requested this for my father’s 60th birthday celebration and I am so dazzled with the wonderful. It’s eminently made, the weaving became out best and my father was so fulfilled! much thanks to you , we can totally go to this store again.

  7. savion

    The cover was astonishing! It passed our assumptions, overall due to the non-abrasiveness of the fabric. The equipment seems, by all accounts, to be strong and holds up pleasantly. Appropriately made. We picked the personalization to be on the once more and that likewise became out eminent. Shown up immediately too in light of the fact that the audits say. My better half is upset to endeavor it out.

  8. citlalli

    unquestionably best! splendid top of the line and the sewing is wonderful. Can hardly stand by to get the cover on and start playing out some carpentry!

  9. crooks

    5 STARS sooner or later of. I requested for Father’s Day on a Thursday evening time b4 Sunday excursion, in no way, shape or form anticipated that it should reach b4 the day. IT DID!!! That transformed into my reward delight. in view of her short conveyance and quick personalization the gift changed into a triumph! also the inordinate incredible bundling, lace and know card … tasteful!!! I anticipate purchasing here once more.

  10. Colin

    Rust color quite lovely. loved all of the pockets for tools. glad it’s stain resistant. good tailoring.Nice leather welding apron split leg product!!

  11. Rohan

    I’m intrigued with the nature of the cover. I disposed of the connections and back after my most memorable day of the utilization of it at work and it washed pleasantly. I air dried. i’ve high expectations it proceeds by means of washes. vender become flash off with transportation. i’ll perhaps purchase each and every other one.

  12. Tobias

    Love this leather welding apron split leg! It turned out to be even better than expected. It has a modern design and looks good on men and women.

  13. Dallas

    This leather welding split leg apron is sturdy and doesn’t wrinkle easily. The color is dark enough also that it hides stains. I love wearing it at work, and it has a great array of pockets that can fit many tools.Nice apron!

  14. blanda

    My better half cherished his new cover. The weaving was great, the material is strong, and the saddle style back lashes propelled him. heaps of help. he’s an enormous person, and the 2XL changed into best. particularly exhort!

  15. Hassan

    My companion appreciated the cover for bartending, thanks such a huge amount for the short vehicle and personalization.

  16. hoppe

    this is the most pleasant cover I’ve ever apparent. I’ve been attempting to find a go lower back cover that match appropriately and have had no accomplishment till now. The craftswomanship on that is for all intents and purposes dazzling. the entire part is zenith lovely.

  17. Wesson

    I requested this for my father’s 60th birthday celebration and I am so dazzled with the wonderful. It’s eminently made, the weaving became out best and my father was so fulfilled! much thanks to you , we can totally go to this store again.

  18. krystel

    apex best cover with exceptionally understanding and mindful client care with my inquiries on estimating and string hues. got the article sooner than I idea. treasured it a great deal I requested a 2d one for some other relative.

  19. Cruz

    My wife loves her new ‘gardening’ apron. It is very hard wearing looking canvas material and is neatly finished all round, the way the straps go through and round and tie up front is particularly smart.

  20. Kobe

    Absolutely awesome! I use it in my workshop when cutting keys and it’s absolutely brilliant. Really good quality and fits perfectly!!

  21. Walter

    This leather welding split leg apron is so comfortable and durable and I love all the pocket placements AND you look cool wearing it too. Nice welding apron product!

  22. crist

    A M A Z I N G ! ! ! I can’t begin to rave around the acceptable of this cover, interest to data and the responsiveness of Sade to any inquiries and explanations. I really squinted and the cover respected out of the blue. genuinely enchanted. I can not stand by to apply this cover for my ensuing exhibition of “Eating” and am now making arrangements a tantamount present for my child ❤️

  23. Callum

    After reading reviews for many leather aprons, i was concerned because they all sounded thicker and stiffer than i wanted. after settling on the Memphis welding apron i am extremely happy. it’s just the right length, looks stylish and is soft and comfortable to wear. Recommended this apron product!

  24. rey

    I ten thousand% recommend this keep and this supplier.The best is heavenly and the store owner became astonishing perfect and valuable from the extremely beginning and the vehicle become splendid short

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