Blacksmith Apron – Collector’s edition

Let us delve into a quick history lesson back to the times of the colonial tradesmen’s migration from the New World to Europe. The radical change called for a thorough transformation of the work environment; clothing included. Regardless, one protective gear withstood the test of time and remained relevant throughout that being, the tuber chic and functional leather aprons.
Fundamentally inspired from its ancestral significance, our attempt at a tradesmen Leather Apron is highly functional in the face of the open flame in the forge or knife blades in the kitchen. Crafted for years of use, this piece of garment from our range of leather work aprons is ideal for all sorts of work environments fraught with danger. Blacksmiths to carpenters, chefs, and even artisans of all kinds should benefit from the product’s unbeatable practicality. This genuine Blacksmith Apron structurally feature an adjustable neck strap and waist belt and five multi-functional pockets using the finest full-grain leather. This mainly allows the consumer to harness a superior level of feasibility, perfect for laborious work spaces. This could, for instance, work great as a leather chef apron providing swift storage for frequently used utensils.
At the leather apron shop, we acknowledge the vitality of a well-crafted and useful leather apron to gain an excellent standard of protection. The key factor in this circumstance is the precise fit and structure. That being so, apart from the traditional medium and large sizes, our design heads go to extreme lengths to cater to a custom sizing facility for our customers. Such rugged styling opens the room to utilize the apron as a leather butcher apron, a leather carpenters’ apron, or woodworking purposes.
What’s more, brand, color, and size customizations are also available for your company branding. That is to say, it is a constructive piece of garment that does well for its purpose without compromising on quality.

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Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


Small, Medium, Large


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