Bar Leather Apron – Soft & Premium

Most leather aprons work great for tradesmen of all sorts ranging from blacksmiths to carpenters. Yet, there is always one such feature that associates its ease of use to a particular domain. Such is the case with the men’s leather apron. Designed for all and perfect for chefs and bartenders, this variation of our Bar leather apron is genuinely superior to any satin or cotton rivals. As is the case with all products in-store at the leather apron shop, this apron is manufactured out of the finest leather. Premium full-grain Pakistani Leather of top quality is made to withstand thorough processing to emerge as soft, flexible material. The resulting Leather is then combined with our craftsmen’s mastery to produce soft leather aprons of impressive finesse. This is a purely heat-resistant garment that eliminates any potential for synthetic leather allergies or reactions. This implies that this leather work apron could even occupy the position of your leather grilling apron.
Testifying the apron’s expertise as a leather apron bartender is the integrated waist loop for tea towels. Such a structure accommodates the bartender or chef in wiping spills or picking up hot dishes. Adjustable neck and waist belts and two large, multi-functional pockets only add up to this leather cooking apron’s practicality.
Characteristic to its use, our product varies between dark earthly shades of blue and brown. The consumer is given the choice of picking between a standard or waterproof version of our product. Fortunately, waterproofing does not influence the garment’s overall appearance yet continues to be highly effective in the environment of a bar. Cut, sewn, and created from scratch, our dedicated design team aims to replicate their commitment to craft our creations. Get a free personalized message engraved upon your apron and truly experience the joy of a genuine leather apron in the exciting ambiance of a pub.


Red Wine, Black, Brown, Brown Pull Up, Camel Pull Up, Careem, Chocolate brown, Yellowish Brown


Small, Medium, Large


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